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  • It was different from the shadows cast by most of the others in his clan. I am of the scribes, she said, of high caste. I began to think vodka was my drink at last. So pick him up, let him say whatever he wanted.

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    About the size of a small hound, the drake possessed a long, sinuous . neck atop which rested an alligatorlike head. Doug saw it raising its blade like forelegs up and pausing, and, before he could react, it brought them down in sharp, spasmodic motions. The frozen zygotes are waiting for us at Selene, he said. All right, let's evacuate everyone to the Enterprise, and I'll try to talk to the engines. He'd been a crack shot ever since the days when he went hunting with his father, and didn't let anyone forget it. To this she answered greedily: Oh, really next I think I'll have Gay windows all about, With roses peeping in, you know, And babies peeping out.

    This recruit has already been assigned, provisionally, to Operation New Vote. The real duties of the office were difficult enough, and those were almost always subordinated to what was little more than public relations, albeit a necessary function in a democracy, in which the people needed to see the President doing more than sitting at his desk and doing ... his work. The mal's got to be buried in sand all day on the beach and left to fry! said Melie.

  • Ranald de Garsenc is hardly a sentimental man, and he has no trouble with warfare, or even the idea of conquest here in Arbonne. So much depended on a variety of events, that every circumstance was noted by the seamen of the party, with an interest bordering on agony. And they flipped their tails before they raised their head. Struan had been out of his depth, for though he was a Christian and would go to kirk and sometimes pray and knew the Bible as well as most men, ordinary men, he had not the learning or the skill to teach her. Like food to the starving, sleep to the sleepless, warmth to the freezing, relief from pain for those in agony.
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  • Dr. Cargrew is the real heart of this organization, the most emi- nent bio-designer of terrestrial origin, of course on the world today. Marisa leaned a little to her right, peering around Edward. Up yours too, he thought, then turned his attention back to his prey. You must not blame yourself for being unable to resolve it at the first attempt.

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    Thought Of The Week(ish....):
    Huh? I dunno. - Unknown
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    - Carl Reiner-